Collection Spotlight: Stag Alliance

Collections 21.03.2024

Collection Spotlight: Stag Alliance

In our collection spotlight series we explore NFT projects and their ecosystems. In today's article we'll dive into the Stag Alliance collection & their. ecosystem.


Stag Alliance is a fantasy-themed NFT project with ambitions to reach beyond WEB3 and create a household fantasy brand. By combining products ranging from books, audiobooks, staking, and gamified platforms, the plan is to provide value to their holders and fill the gap between WEB2 and WEB3.

The Stag Alliance story is set in a broader world called Elderworld, accompanied by rich lore in both written and audio versions. The team aspires to make Stag Alliance and Elderworld a household brand among fantasy leaders such as Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and Pokémon, explaining it as a brand that entertains, inspires, and enriches the lives of millions of people.

The main NFT collection consists of 7500 NFTs living on the Cardano blockchain. To accompany the main collection, there is also a smaller collection of 300 portal passes meant to provide additional value along the journey.

Value Building

Recognizing common challenges in the NFT ecosystem, the team focuses on a unique approach to NFTs, integrating economic, collectible, ecosystem, and community values, delivering something for both WEB2 and WEB3 audiences. Through mechanisms enabling NFT holders to earn passive income from fantasy product sales, it bridges the divide between economic and collectible worth.

Artwork & Collections

Stag Alliance has introduced a collection of 300 Portal passes before the mint to provide benefits to holders along the whole journey. Holders had whitelisted spots for mint. Portal passes will also have special utility and guaranteed drops of rare items in the upcoming Enter the Portal event as well as in the gamified platform the team is working on.

The main Stag Alliance collection consists of 7500 Stags & Does with a variety of both fantasy and non-fantasy traits. The very detailed art style has rightfully caught the attention of many collectors across the Cardano ecosystem even before mint. Every Stag and Doe is part of a clan and faction. There are a total of 10 clans which all play a part in the lore. Each clan also has two royals leading the clan which are essentially 1/1 NFTs with unique traits. Factions are citizens, knights, makers, conjurers, and politicians, each Stag has traits corresponding with the respective faction making them recognizable at first sight. Faction will play a role in the gamified platform Stag Alliance is creating.


Stag Alliance is working on products for both WEB2 and WEB3 audiences to deliver a complete fantasy experience. In March 2024, the team delivered a liquid staking platform called Bank of Moonstone, where users can stake their NFTs to earn off-chain Prestige points.

Bank of Moonstone is the first part delivered under the Elderworld gamified platform. Prestige (PSTG) is a gamified off-chain points system designed to reward loyal NFT holders with benefits to incentivize buying, holding, and trading NFTs. Benefits include earning PSTG by staking NFTs at the Bank of Moonstone, influencing project decisions through PSTG scores, gaining access to collectibles, and earning income from other products gathered in the Vault. Currently, the Vault has over 31,000 ADA, and growing, to be distributed among the stakers.

To maximize earnings for NFT holders, Stag Alliance aims to broaden income streams, encompassing proceeds from print and eBooks, audio content, limited edition collectibles, in-game purchases and NFTs, secondary market royalties, physical merchandise, and other sources. A portion of these earnings will be allocated to the vault for distribution among holders.

Just recently, the first fantasy book has been announced by the team. The book is written by one of the co-founders Jimmi Sandham who has been a writer with a proven track record. In the past, he has already released a best-selling crime book on Amazon. The title of the book is "A Tale of the Nine Lands - an Elderworld novel", which is now available for preorder on Amazon.

Later in 2024, the team plans to expand the gamified platform with the Enter the Portal event in which holders will be able to obtain items for the full version of the Elderworld in which users will be able to explore, play mini-games, gather various resources, and craft items. To accompany this digital release, the team is already working on more books for all fantasy enthusiasts in both WEB2 and WEB3.

You can read more on the future plans of Stag Alliance as well as the gamified platform in more depth in their vision paper.


In conclusion, Stag Alliance offers a unique blend of fantasy storytelling, technology, and community involvement in the NFT space. It caters to both traditional and digital audiences, providing an engaging experience for NFT holders. With captivating artwork and detailed factions, it has caught the eye of many collectors. The recent launch of the Bank of Moonstone and the Prestige (PSTG) system demonstrates their commitment to rewarding NFT holders and generating income. As they move forward with releases like "A Tale of the Nine Lands - an Elderworld novel" and the Enter the Portal event, Stag Alliance aims to stand out in the fantasy genre, appealing to a wide range of enthusiasts.

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