Collection Spotlight: OMEN

Collections 22.02.2024

Collection Spotlight: OMEN

In our collection spotlight series we explore NFT projects and their ecosystems. In today's article we'll dive into the OMEN collection, their launch & ecosystem.

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About OMEN

OMEN is a 10000 NFT collection on Cardano. The OMEN collection unites all previous collections from the Nemonium project. The Nemonium team has been building on Cardano since the early days of the Cardano NFTs. Over the time, they've launched several skull-themed collections by various artists under their Nemonium DAO umbrella. Instead of further diluting the Nemonium project they've decided to do the opposite and launch OMEN collection to unite the previous collections. Holders of previous collections were able to burn their original NFT for a discount on the OMEN collection.

The OMEN collection has taken Cardano and not even barriers of Cardano stopped its reach. Thanks to connecting staking utility for revenue-sharing and great profile-picture art they've brought the attention of Ethereum, Solana and other blockchain folks to Cardano. It's safe to say they can be proud of their successful launch and onboarding new people to Cardano.

OMEN is a profile-picture style collection drawn by a talented artist Victor Warr who is also lead artist for Danketsu project. Thanks to detailed, unique and catchy traits the OMEN collection is often rightfully considered as one of the best Cardano profile pictures and helped find many creators and collectors their new social media identity to build their own brand upon.

OMEN Launch

OMEN collection was launched on 22nd December 2023 with mintprice of 150 ADA or 69 ADA for those who decided to burn an NFT from previous Nemonium collections.

The OMEN team has introduced a very unique PHTR system. PHTR stands for Paper Hands Taxation Rewards system meaning their royalties for secondary trading were extremely high (80%) since the beginning of the mint and were gradually decreasing as the mint progressed to the final 13% secondary sales royalties. This design was meant to limit secondary trading during the mint while also rewarding holders by redistributing 100% of the PHTR gathered between them.

It's common design on other blockchains to not allow secondary trading until the collection is minted out, on Cardano this concept was new and definitely seemed to catch attention as well successfully lead toward selling out the collection.

OMEN Post-launch

OMEN minted for 150 ADA, right after the mint the price was oscillating around the mint price before surging to 440 ADA before its green rally to 820 ADA floor. Right now the collection is sitting around 500 ADA floor and seems to have found its support.

After the mint OMEN team has announced all royalties from secondary trading in 2024 will be distributed to holders. Those PHTR are distributed to those staking OMEN NFTs and until this point more than 200 '000 ADA has been distributed. The PHTR are distributed each Sunday. To collect the ADA rewards stakers pay a small fee with their ecosystem token $SKULL. Currently 80% of the OMEN NFTs are staked indicating majority of the holders are happy with the PHTR rewards distributed to them.

$SKULL could be earned by staking ADA in the OMEN stake pool or can be bought directly on Cardano DEXes. With great demand for earning $SKULL token by staking, the token reserve to be distributed for stakers now seems to be depleted. After the successful launch and first 2 months the OMEN team doesn't seem to be stopping. So far they have posted sneak peaks hinting on woman themed NFTs for the OMEN collection - at this point we could only speculate how the upgrade to women NFTs is going to work and more details to be announced soon.


In conclusion, the OMEN collection showcases a blend of great PFP art, community and unique revenue sharing to its holders. By consolidating previous collections under OMEN, the team has demonstrated a strategic approach that prioritizes unity and value for their community. Great and unique art, has not only attracted attention from across blockchain platforms. With features like the Paper Hands Taxation Rewards system and a commitment to fair distribution, OMEN has introduced an interesting design other projects might utilize too. As OMEN continues to thrive post-launch, maintaining a stable floor price and hinting at exciting future developments.

Disclaimer: This article provides general information and summary of projects and protocols on Cardano. This is for educational purposes only. By no means should not be construed as financial or investment advice. Collecting and investing in tokens should be approached with careful consideration and research.