Xerberus - Analytical Platform and Token Risk Rating on Cardano

Collections 24.01.2024

Xerberus serves as an analytical platform, empowering Cardano token investors to make well-informed decisions in their trades. Characterizing their system as the Decentralized Risk Rating Protocol, the Xerberus team aims to offer a comparable rating system to traditional agencies.

The platform concentrates on evaluating tokens through various criteria, including price risk score, liquidity risk score, and network risk score, resulting in a comprehensive Risk Rating Score.

This risk rating score is familiar to the concept in the traditional investment realm. Tokens are subsequently categorized into four classes based on the criteria:

  • Investment grade class: A

  • Speculative class: B

  • Very speculative class: C

  • Junk: D

Within each category, tokens are further segmented based on factors such as price stability or high volatility.

Xerberus introduces a valuable metric – the Growth Score. This metric monitors the influx of new wallets investing in a token, providing insights into the token's growth within the ecosystem.

Imporantly, Xerberus relies solely on objective blockchain data, incorporating metrics like wallets holding the token, token transactions between wallets, and liquidity on decentralized exchanges (DEXes). The platform avoids incorporating more subjective aspects, such as the founding teams, the potential of the business idea, or the involvement of influencers promoting the project. Their approach strictly centers on blockchain data.

This objective methodology enables investors to skip this important analysis step and allows them to focus on the more subjective indicators. This combination lets investors make more educated investment decisions.


Xerberus showcases all these critical token indicators in a user-friendly format on its platform. Currently, the platform has analyzed nearly 60 tokens, while providing a great user experience and friendly interface.

While the Xerberus platform is open to everyone, some features are reserved exclusively for NFT holders.


Each token undergoes a comprehensive analysis across various categories, resulting in a final risk rating and growth score. Notable categories include price risk, looking into the historical returns of the asset; network risk, assessing the token's dominance based on daily transaction activity and holder distribution; and liquidity risk, showcasing the asset's ease of buying or selling and its impact on price.

These indicators are thoughtfully presented, offering users an organized dashboard for quick access to information.


The ecosystem section enables users to compare all tokens analyzed by the Xerberus team through Risk vs. Growth charts, showing their positions in the overall ecosystem. Additionally, users can explore price correlations between multiple assets in this section.

This particular feature is exclusively available to users holding Xerchers NFTs in their wallet.


Last but certainly not least, there's a section allowing users to compare the Xerberus metrics of two tokens. This feature proves especially valuable when evaluating two tokens within the same category.

NFT Utility

Xerberus has introduced a set of 768 Xerchers NFTs, currently with a secondary market floor price of 2099 ADA.

These Xerchers NFTs come with a utility called "lifelong Researcher Subscription." Holding this NFT grants users access to all features provided by the Xerberus team, coupled with additional benefits that will unfold as the project progresses. Some of the announced future utilities, in addition to the reports and premium platform access, include a guaranteed $XER token allocation and entry into the rewards system. Furthermore, NFT holders will have the ability to contribute their own research on the platform and initiate their own Xerberus node operation. This multifaceted utility enhances the engagement and involvement of NFT holders within the Xerberus ecosystem.


In conclusion, Xerberus is your go-to platform to assist you when investing in Cardano tokens. They use a Decentralized Risk Rating Protocol to evaluate tokens, giving you a clear Risk Rating Score. The Growth Score tracks a token's popularity, adding an extra layer of insight. Xerberus keeps it simple and user-friendly, with an exclusive features for NFT holders. Their Xerchers NFTs are offering perks like a lifelong Researcher Subscription, $XER token allocation, and even a chance to contribute your own research.

The Xerberus platform is making it easier for the community to navigate the Cardano ecosystem while investing.

Disclaimer: This article provides general information and summary of projects and protocols on Cardano. This is for educational purposes only. By no means should not be construed as financial or investment advice. Collecting and investing in tokens should be approached with careful consideration and research.