Why to put our jam on your bread.

Education 10.11.2022

The fastest and safest NFT marketplace on Cardano

Our main goal is to create a marketplace that is lightning fast, easy to use, and completely secure. We believe we’ve fulfilled this goal and made a marketplace that’s a joy to use.

Cardano is proving to the world that it is THE blockchain to be building on and we are looking forward to the growth ahead of us. Devil is in the details and we are going to focus on those details that let users take full advantage of NFT as a technology.

What are those details?

For instance we are working on improving our customer support and manuals for new users that will explain visually how to operate our platform. It looks simple to us who have already understood an adopted blockchain technology but there are far more people who will need some help with that. We are working on educational content that will explain how to invest in NFT, how to trade them and what aspects to be searching for when investing in NFT projects. Let the new users learn from our mistakes right?

There are way more things you can do with your NFT than just having it sit in your wallet or stare at an Ape when going to catch some Zs. We have plans to integrate features that give your NFT greater use. We will share the details when the time is right but we would appreciate you reaching out to us on our social media and telling us what features you would like us to add so that your NFT doesn't just sit idle on the blockchain.

We also believe that now is the time to build and we are not alone and more marketplaces will be built in the foreseeable future. Therefore we are also in a process of upgrading our Smart Contract so that creators and investors can make sure their NFT will get liquidity from all marketplaces at the same time instead of just one where their NFT is minted or listed. We are here to work together with other Cardano builders so that the whole Cardano ecosystem can grow to its full potential.

Alright. You got my attention. What should I do next?

Go to marketplace and explore listings, discover new collections or write us an email if you want to mint your own collection. Don’t hesitate to give us your feedback while you are at it. The fastest way is to write to us on [email protected] or come let us know your opinion in our Discord channel. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter where you will get the fastest updates on our progress.