We are hiring!

Education 16.12.2022

Keep building the Cardano ecosystem

🎶 "Can't stop, addicted to the shindig. Charles says that we're gonna win big ..." 🎶

Believe it or not those were the original lyrics from Anthony Kiedis before he changed them. Aaanyway ...

While traditional companies are tightening their expenditures and a wave of lay-offs just began, there are always projects that are growing. We are among them. Our road map for next year is rich and we need Cardano developers as well as BE and FE devs and other specs.... Bellow is a list of skillsets we need from you in order to "win big"

1. Senior (5 years exp +) and Medior (min 3 years) back-end developer:

C# + MediatR, Linq, PostgreSQL.

2. Senior (5 years exp +) front-end developer:

React, Typescript, Next.js

3. God level in Plutus Smart Contracts Development:

Haskell, Blockchain, Cardano SC

4. General talent and Cardano NFT enthusiasts:

Graphic design, Digital Marketing, Law for blockchain/digital ownership, NFT geek and youtuber/influencer

Needles to say that we are also looking for business partners but who isn't. We don't know if the FED is going to increase or decrease the interest rates or if Bitcoin and Cardano will make a new bottom or not or what will the job market look like in 6 months. We only know for certain that we will have a strong year in 2023 and if you need to get your mind of the charts or finally make the transition from traditional company to blockchain industry then here is your chance! Join us now and contribute to the growth of Cardano ecosystem. Send us your CV and motivation letter here: [email protected]

🎶 Your image in the dictionary. This life is more than ordinary.

Can I get two, maybe even three of these? Forward to your friends with above mentioned expertise! 🎶