Thesis & Dysmorphia: The first study of the Cardano NFT space

Education 21.11.2023

Thesis & Dysmorphia: The first study about Cardano NFT space

Cardano's research-based approach to development is well known in the crypto community. However, for those new to the space, Cardano is a blockchain platform recognized for its commitment to scientific rigor in development.

But did you know there is a study about the Cardano NFT ecosystem?

Thesis & Dysmorphia by Fork It

Website: (mint is live on their website)

Twitter: @thesisdysmo

Dysmorphia on JamOnBread

Thesis & Dysmorphia is a project initiated by Matea and Marina from the Fork It research team. Matea, with a scientific background, is on the path to earning a Ph.D., while Marina, equipped with a business background, specializes in analytical tasks and market research. Both of the founders have been in the Cardano NFT space for over a year before starting the study.

The goal of Thesis & Dysmorphia was to analyze Sentiment about Cardano NFT space. The study started in October 2022 and was concluded in August 2023. Data were collected by surveying the general public, holders of participating NFT projects, founders and project moderators.

The Thesis & Dysmorphia projects essentially is divided into two parts. First part being The Thesis, a study about the Cardano space itself, and Dysmorphia, their very own NFT project to help them study the space from the founder's perspective.

The Study itself is further divided into an examination of the Dysmorphia project and an exploration of other projects in the Cardano space.

Both segments provide valuable findings for new and existing project founders, as well as marketers and content creators. Importantly, this is the first study about the Cardano NFT space that employs rigorous research methods to present its conclusions.This is the very first study about the Cardano NFT of it's kind.

Thesis & Dysmorphia study covers
Cardano space study

The whole study is 81 pages long. The first part focuses on examining the Dysmorphia NFT project from the founder's perspective. This section focuses on sentiment among early supporters (OG and whitelist), social engagement, and market and blockchain data. While this part may lean towards subjectivity, it provides valuable insights for new founders creating projects on Cardano.

The second part of the study focusing on the broader Cardano NFT space gathered 545 responses from the general public, founders and moderators.

Survey results offer insights into on Cardano NFT space demographics (age, gender, income, education) and sentiments about the space (confidence in Cardano NFTs and current and future market, importance of different aspects in the space, and many others).

Some publicly shared findings from the Fork It research team website include:

  • 60% of the Cardano NFT space is married

  • 85% of participants view Charles Hoskinson as a positive force in space

  • 32% of participants uses @CnftTools weekly

  • 92% of the Cardano NFT space is male

Just recently, Thesis & Dysmorphia study has caught the attention of Charles Hoskinson (founder of Cardano), whom invited the team for an interview - listen here.

As the full study is not publicly available, we aren't going to share any more conclusions. But it's safe to say it's been concluded with proper scientific methods while examining a large sample of responders. The study itself might provide very valuable information to project founders and marketers in the space.

The full study is being minted in the form of NFT in PDF format with 15 different covers from artists. The mint is live on their website.


The Thesis & Dysmorphia is the first study of the Cardano NFT space. Same as Cardano's renowned research based approach, this study delves into the deep layers of the Cardano NFT ecosystem. Founding and conclusions of the study might provide very helpful guidance for all project owners, creators and marketers in the Cardano ecosystem to better understand their audience.

Disclaimer: This article provides general information and summary of the project. By no means should not be construed as financial or investment advice. Collecting and investing in tokens should be approached with careful consideration and research.