Tavern Squad: Bringing Tabletop RPGs to the Cardano Blockchain

Collections 30.05.2023

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Tavern Squad: Bringing Tabletop RPGs to the Cardano Blockchain

Tavern squad brings the tabletop RPG feel in the form of gamification to the Cardano blockchain. The project’s initial collection is 10,000 "Tavern Squad Adventurers". Tavern Squad's focus is on building a web/mobile app-based gamified staking platform. Heavily inspired by RPGs, players can find achievements, quests, raids, adventurer stats, and exciting lore! Let's dive right into it!

Achievements and leaderboard:

With consistent quests and unique achievements, Tavern Squad offers long-term fun and excitement, including achievements that reward holders and active members of the community. The questing system, which includes daily, weekly, and special quests, rewards account XP, unlocking further utility and accessibility to the Tavern Squad Ecosystem. And for those seeking competition, Tavern Squad offers leaderboards and public profiles, allowing you to compare your achievements and XP gains with others in the community.

Dungeon Raids:

Tavern Squad has launched their biggest and most ambitious feature of the project yet – Dungeon Raids. It is the first of its kind in the Cardano NFT space and allows users to send up to 3 Adventurers on a single raid, with the possibility of accessing multiple Raid Slots to send multiple Squads on simultaneous raids. Dungeon Raids consists of multiple Depths, which are levels of increasing difficulty. Each Depth features different enemy types with unique abilities, and rewards for completing Raids in each Depth are greater than in the previous one. Raids take 1-30 days.

Each Adventurer (NFT) has its own set of stats including attributes such as strength, agility, intelligence, and stamina. On top of stats, Adventurers also have classes, which determine their role in combat. For example, a Warrior class may have higher strength and health, while a Mage class may have higher intelligence and magic power. Players can use multiple adventurers in a Raid and can customize their team based on the enemy types and weaknesses in the Raid which affects the success chance of the raid. Overall, stats and classes are allowing players to create unique teams and tackle increasingly difficult challenges as they progress through the Depths. After a successful raid players are rewarded with Wyrmstone Fragments and account XP - in case Adventurer is not successful, players get just the XP. Additional rewards are in The Grand Chest that is filled when players completes Questing and Raiding milestones and each week rewards the player.

Dungeon Raids are considered as active staking since players must come back and send adventurers on a new mission after the previous one. For users who prefer an alternative to active staking, Tavern Squad offers the Scouting Mission. Currently Tavern squad is still in beta phase of Dungeon Raids that will provide the necessary data for Tavern Squad to balance out the raids. Some things may not be perfect right away, and changes to classes/attributes/buffs could occur during the beta. However, Tavern Squad will do their best to use the data for the first balancing update as fast as possible.

Tokenomics and Crafting:

Wyrmstone Fragments are an off-chain token that are used for payment to start raids and can be earned as rewards for raids. They can also be converted into Wyrmstone, the on-chain version of the token. To craft Wyrmstone from Wyrmstone Fragments, players will need to pay a 5 ADA fee per craft. Wyrmstone is a fungible token with a total supply of 13,370,000. Its utility will be revealed in the future. In addition to these tokens, Tavern Squad is introducing Orbs, to replace most $ADA transactions within the ecosystem. Orbs act as a "premium" token and are used to unlock more dungeon raid slots and used for timed buffs.. The team behind Tavern Squad is still finalizing the game's tokenomics based on data gathered during the beta phase. Their goal is to ensure that their tokenomics are on point and will be working hard to create the best possible experience for their players.

Shrines - Heroes of the Lore:

Shrines are meticulously handcrafted sculptures that will be minted as second Tavern Squad's NFT collection. This collection will introduce six different types, each representing one of the six Heroes of the Lore. They will bring unique account wide buffs to the game. They also can be upgraded (CIP68) by completing specific tasks, with the cost of upgrades being WYRM. The rarity (common, uncommon, rare, epic, legendary) determines the number of upgrade levels it can achieve.


Tavern Squad is taking things slow and steady, making sure everything runs smoothly before moving forward. And it looks like their community is loving it! They've been getting great feedback so far. The team is also working on adding more features to the game to make it even better - like cool professions and shrines. Sounds like they're really committed to making this game top-notch!