New version of JamOnBread NFT marketplace is LIVE! 🚀

Technology 15.04.2024

We've been a Cardano marketplace and aggregator since early 2022, being the first marketplace to introduce collection offers. For the past months we've been working on an improved version of the marketplace.

On Tuesday, April 2nd, the new version of JamOnBread - Cardano NFT went live on the mainnet. Visit to give it a spin.

We've been working towards this update for many months, and it's finally here. With this update, we're introducing many innovative improvements to the platform.

Revenue-sharing smart contract

Introducing the first revenue-sharing smart contract in the Cardano NFT ecosystem. It's the first smart contract capable of fairly sharing the service fee revenue that marketplaces usually keep among all the parties that made the sale happen. Those parties are aggregator marketplaces utilizing their smart contract to sell or list NFTs on their own platform. The second part of the revenue sharing comes through the on-chain affiliate program - anyone can earn part of the service fee for driving sales on JamOnBread via their own unique link.

With this design, all new marketplaces have significantly lower entry barriers to the market as they don't need to develop and audit their own smart contract to start earning revenue and become competitive. Another benefit is the unification of listings and liquidity leading to a more interconnected NFT space.

This revenue-sharing mechanism will be attractive to cross-chain marketplaces wanting to tap into the Cardano NFT ecosystem too and allowing for niche (RWA, gaming, art) or collection-specific marketplaces.

Marketplace upgrades

JamOnBread's recent update brings a bunch of exciting enhancements, with a focus on a dynamic user experience. With the introduction of the on-chain affiliate program, the revenue-sharing mechanism becomes accessible for everyone within the Cardano NFT ecosystem. Users or platforms that link to JamOnBread can now link via their unique link and earn ADA by driving sales on the platform.

To find most of the listings in one place, JamOnBread aggregates listings from the largest Cardano NFT marketplace, allowing users to browse the majority of listings directly on our marketplace. Many performance upgrades were implemented to ensure a fast and smooth marketplace experience. With the new version of JamOnBread we've also introduced many UI/UX updates, to name a few - improved search results, on-hover action buttons, a new homepage and trending section, a new Cardano NFT market stats page, support for multiple fiat currencies, new graphs on the collection page, and many more.

To make the experience smooth for all users, the JamOnBread marketplace is now fully functional on responsive devices. Making the mobile experience complete, Vespr wallet is now supported too.


We've launched an upgraded platform for all the NFT traders! Introducing new features like revenue-sharing and an on-chain affiliate program. This is a significant improvement in the Cardano NFT space. We're dedicated to helping the Cardano NFT space grow as a whole. With enhanced accessibility and a smoother user experience.