Netanel Cohen – The Artist Behind MiLK

Collections 14.08.2023

Artist Spotlight: Netanel Cohen

In our Artist Spotlight series, we engage in insightful interviews with creators and artists within the Cardano community. Through these conversations, we look into their unique creative processes, providing a deeper understanding of their craft. Our aim is to not only give well deserved spotlight to those creating on Cardano, but also inspire a wave of aspiring NFT artists, equipping them with valuable knowledge and fostering their creative journey.

Where you can find Netanel?

  1. Can you introduce yourself and share a bit about your background as an artist?
  2. I'm actually an architect, my "main" job is in an urban planning firm. I also do illustrations mostly for fun and accidentally entered the CNFT world in 2022 while working on MiLK.

  3. How would you describe your artistic style and the themes you explore in your work?
  4. Well, my style is hand drawn lines and vibrant colours, if that's a thing 🙂 I'm trying to stick to this method so all my work will have a specific look. I love adding details to my art, so the viewer could find new things that he didn't see when seeing it first.

  5. What drew you to the world of NFTs, and why did you choose to create and sell your art on the Cardano blockchain?
  6. I started working my first project ever, MiLK, with a partner that came out with the whole idea and turned out to be a scammer, so after the collection was done he tricked a lot of people from the cardano community, took their ada by promising a DAO and disappeared. I didn't get paid for making the MiLKs, but I found this amazing community of collectors and art lovers so I stayed and kept sharing my art with them.

    MiLK by Netanel Cohen
  7. Can you walk us through your creative process, from conceptualizing an artwork to minting it as an NFT?
  8. Basically, it's just making rough sketches until something solid comes up, and after that its straight forward to the finished results. The thing I had in mind in the beginning is very different from the outcome but that's all the fun.

  9. What unique opportunities or advantages do you find in creating and selling NFTs on Cardano as an artist?
  10. For me, I feel really good and joyful when a buyer of my works makes a nice profit from selling it to another collector. This is real utility in my opinion, you supported me by buying my art and now my art supports you back.

  11. Are there any specific challenges you've faced as an artist in the Cardano ecosystem, and how have you overcome them?
  12. The biggest challenge was after my ex partner rugged and stole a lot of money from the community. I tried to give the victims something back, so with a new partner and a good friend we started the MiLKRugz collection that was airdropped to all the milk dao holders, for free. I think overall we did a good job on that.

  13. Could you share some of your most significant achievements or milestones?
  14. Finishing the MiLK collection was a great day for me.

  15. How do you see the relationship between your art and blockchain technology? Does it influence your creative decisions?
  16. In a way yes, recently I was introduced to Kreate, that allows you to make editions, which is very cool and allows you as an artist to reach more collectors for a cheaper price, making simpler designs that are easier to animate! Also, making 1:1s gives the art more meaning.

  17. Are there any upcoming projects, collaborations, or exhibitions that you're particularly excited about?
  18. I'm very excited about Wavy Apes (red. upcoming collection by Squashua) and the new Porky Island mint, can't wait!

    Also, I'm working on some collaborations and also a pfp collection, and of course the MiLKerz collection is going on nice and slow.

  19. What advice would you give to fellow artists who are interested in exploring NFTs and integrating blockchain technology into their artistic practice?
  20. Learn a lot before you start anything, don't let people use your art to scam others and don't believe anything that sounds good to be true.