More than JPGs: Interview with ADAPunkz

Collections 10.03.2023

Interview with ADAPunkz's Processed Fiend

We had an interview with Processed Fiend from ADAPunkz. We asked him 10 questions to bring you more insights straight from the creators. Let's jump right into it. Also, you can watch the video HERE.

1. Can you give us a quick 30 second overview of the ADAPunkz?

Yeah, sure. I'm the Processed Fiend. I'm representing here today ADAPunkz and our sister project, the Black Hats. We're a pixel art profile picture community that we launched really early on the Cardano NFT space in September nearly two years ago. A lot of our holders are OGs in the blockchain, and those are significant positions all over the show. Right now we're building a metaverse music hub on Pavia as well as the CNFT authentication app that would allow you to connect to a website and actually your NFTs can be used as log in. So you could use NFT instead of making an account. Yeah, that's what we're working on.

2. What utility or benefits come with owning those NFTs?

If you want to be a punk, you've got to own a native punk. I can say with confidence, Cryptopunks own Cardano, you know, whack me NFA bio whenever I see a wallet with punks in it I know that's a true punk. We have a Metaverse class NFT talking about utility that’s allows special benefits within a Pavia estates. Something like free gig tickets, when we have events also to have access to some private spaces and games and things that we're building, etc.

3. How did you come up with the idea?

Well, it wasn't my concept, actually. I mean, clearly every blockchain needs a punkz project and we just knew that we could do the best. All of our artwork traits reference to Cardano technology and history and stuff like that. We have the Yoroi which of course is the samurai helmet. That's what exactly it references to. There's a bunch of other things that reference like the Cardano eras, things like Basho. There's like a headband that's always sunny. Have you ever seen a Charles Hoskinson Livestreams? You'll know what that is reference to, right?

4. What is the team behind the ADAPunkz?

The four core members of the team are myself and Sentinel. We're kind of community managers. We're both professionals in the music industry. A Network entity is it's I suppose you'd call him like a digital artist. He's got a very impressive portfolio that's always growing. He's always doing lots of awesome stuff, artwork and NFT. And Transitionary is our full stack software engineer that he's responsible for all of our backend. He has made some blockchain education and building dApps and stuff like that. So yeah, That are four core members. We have an awesome community of moderators as well.

5. What was the greatest obstacle?

It hasn't been easy sailing. There's been plenty of things that have been challenging with the project. Actually, one thing that's been sort of taking longer than expected is the authentication app. It has kind of taken forever to build. I like what it will allow you to do. I don't think it exists yet on Cardano. I think it's really awesome. It's a bit of a mountain to climb, but we're still really passionate about actually doing it and being the first people to do it. I suppose another obstacle here actually has been the sort of financial aspect of the project here in the UK giving tax advice around the project. It's just been a minefield basically. I mean a lot of people have been very interested in us launching a Punkz token, like a native token. Essentially it's just impossible to get advice about this and everyone says different things. Some people just say don't bother. Yeah, it's been a few obstacles, I have to say. It hasn't been easy, in every regard. We can definitely say that a place does not have any clear guidelines. We're still early, but they are taking their time in this that’s for sure.

6. What outcomes are you proud of the most?

Definitely the community. We've built such an awesome community of Punkz and actually I don't know if you’re get yourselves into that Twitter lines spaces and all this stuff there and the Cardano network. There's a really awesome live space called Wild Cards and actually all the hosts of this life space met via by a ADAPunkz. It was their first ever Cardano Mint. We went on this end of year like Bonanza and it was just awesome to see this is kind of happens because of punkz. Almost like the mint of punkz was kind of like a moment in time. And it's brought a lot of people together that have gone on to do stuff. So yeah, I mean, establishing that spell ourselves in the space generally. And the more recently we've partnered with a music business group here in the UK and we've formed our record label, Sister Project called Black Hats.

7. What can we look forward to in the next 12 months?

Hopefully Pavia will be live. That's what I'm hoping for. So we were looking to be the defacto place for music on Pavia. I know this is a very hard competition but I think, we're kind of perfectly situated to do this. Given that we've got the estate already pretty much built besides the tax stuff. You go build our NPCs and figure out how we're going to do the wall and stuff like that. Downstairs is going to be a big stage where we'll have live events. The second floor is going to be the home of our record label where they will hopefully be a trading hub, where people can listen to music and acts and maybe trade. It can be like a secondary marketplace here in the metaverse. And then on the top floor there is going to be a punkz paradise. So this is exclusive to our holders of ADAPunkz and the metaverse past that we minted. This will essentially be like a private space. There'll be a bouncer who will check your wallet and say "Hey, you've got the pass." There will be bunch of games. We're looking to integrate flash games and stuff like that. It will be really hang out space on the top for that. And yeah, I mean, in terms of airdrops and stuff. Black has we're doing airdrops all the time now. We're just getting started a record label there in that regard. Maybe check that out as well as our sister project.

8. Are you looking for help in terms of are you hiring or looking for collab or anything?

We're not necessarilly hiring at the moment. I think the team is kind of got most of our jobs wrapped up. I mean, we get applications from people wanting to work with us all the time. It's kind of cool to see how many people want to do that. But we also want to reflect the status of our project. We want to work with people that are up and coming and doing cool things that can provide a bit of value for our holders. We're always looking for collaborations, but you've got to be doing something cool.

9. Could you tell us something personal?

I love to cook. I'm getting quite into Japanese food at the moment. Uh, actually, I say I love to cook, I like raw food as well. I think it's something that occasionally you'll see on Discord. I like general chat, which is occasionally turn into people sort of spamming what they're cooking for dinner in the evening and whatever. I think that's kind of a nice thing there is always something really nice that looks amazing. I love looking at food pictures and stuff like that.

10. Can you give us some final suggestion for the audience?

Keep it really Punk, ADA is really great. That's a motto.