JamOnBread is live on testnet!

Technology 06.03.2024

JamOnBread Testnet is now Live!

We're super excited to relaunch JamOnBread with a revenue-sharing smart contract, major back-end changes & optimizations for a blazing-fast marketplace, and updated UI/UX for both desktop and mobile users.

The testnet is live → https://testnet-prod.jamonbread.tech

After we received funding for our Catalyst proposal in Fund 11, we felt obliged to the community to launch on the testnet so everyone can try how our revenue-sharing smart contract works in action before we launch fully on the mainnet.

How to Get Started with the Testnet?

You're going to need to set your wallet for the preprod Cardano network, claim testnet ADA, and if you wish to try the marketplace in full action - request testing NFTs on our Discord. Check the guide on our Twitter - here.

We've also prepared a quick guide on how to get started with the on-chain affiliate. See the video guide - here.

We really appreciate everyone who is testing, giving us feedback, suggesting where we can improve, or what new features we should implement. We don't forget our early testers - give us feedback on our Discord to get the Active Tester role, join here. 😉

What's New?

Revenue-sharing Smart Contract

In short, our smart contract is capable of sharing the service fee among all sales contributors - simply anyone who contributes to NFTs sale - this can be other marketplaces, projects, tool builders, creators, and users.

On-chain Affiliate

This is part of our revenue-sharing smart contract that doesn't require any coding at all, simply generate your own affiliate link, share it, or implement it on your platform and earn ADA when people list/buy NFTs on JamOnBread's smart contract.

Read more in depth about our smart contract in our previous article, GitBook or Brief.

Performance and UI & UX Updates

We've made multiple back-end changes to deliver a lightning-fast marketplace. This helps not only the overall performance of the marketplace but also helps us scale and continue building new features faster.

On top of that, we've made multiple UI/UX updates to deliver a smooth experience for all users. With extensive focus on mobile devices, the JamOnBread marketplace is now fully functional on mobile.

On the desktop, we've focused on making elements more consistent and delivering an intuitive experience.

Let's name some of the improvements we've made:

  • New homepage hero section with featured, trending collections, and content from our blog

  • Stats displayed in graphs on collection pages

  • Faster image loading

  • Permalinks with policy ID

  • Improved search

  • Action buttons on hover (list, buy, update)

  • Site notifications for actions (transaction pending, successful)

  • Wallet connect pop-up modal

  • Vespr wallet support

  • More category tags for projects

  • Resourceful footer

  • Copy policy ID button

But that's not all, we're keeping some surprises for our mainnet launch!


To wrap it up, the JamOnBread testnet is a big step forward in our mission to shake up the Cardano NFT market. With our revenue-sharing smart contract, smoother user experience, and turbocharged performance, we're inviting you to jump in and help shape the future of digital marketplaces. Your thoughts and feedback from using the testnet are super valuable as we gear up for the big mainnet launch. And trust us, there are plenty more cool surprises coming your way!