JamOnBread: A Sweet Snack and a Decentralized NFT Marketplace on Cardano

Education 03.10.2023

JamOnBread: A Sweet Snack and a Decentralized NFT Marketplace on Cardano

Have you heard of JamOnBread? It's not only a delightful snack but also a decentralized NFT marketplace and aggregator built on Cardano.

At JamOnBread, we're driven by a desire to challenge the monopoly of single-platform NFT trading on the most decentralized blockchain. Our mission is to promote fair competition and advocate for increased decentralization in the NFT space.


JamOnBread began development during the initial wave of smart contract-based marketplaces in late 2021. Our first version was launched in early 2022, receiving positive feedback from the community. We also achieved a few significant milestone by being the first marketplace on Cardano to introduce collection offers and built-in rarity feature. On top of that, JamOnBread developers found a flaw in one of the competitor's smart contract's which helped protect all Cardano NFT sellers.

On Cardano, there was always a one leading - monopoly - marketplace, which we didn't like. We envisioned there would be more marketplaces on Cardano - there could be specific marketplaces with advanced filtering just for gaming or just for art. The main problem is that each marketplace generates revenue just from its own smart contract. As an example, we aggregate listings from other marketplace's contracts (you can find majority of listing on our marketplace), but when users come to our marketplace and buy those NFTs, the smart contract deployer always gets the service fee, not JamOnBread.

Wouldn't a different design be more fair? Yes, and that's why we have decided to build our own solution - for anyone in the cardano ecosystem to utilize to bring more fairness and help connect the space.

What is JamOnBread Building?

We are developing a more equitable smart contract that shares revenue with the marketplace where an NFT is listed and where it's sold. This contrasts with the current model where only the smart contract deployer receives revenue. Our ultimate goal is to establish JamOnBread's smart contract as an industry standard. By adopting it, marketplaces can focus on innovation and become niche platforms and build cool features for users.

Read more about our smart contract in our GitBook and in a dedicated article.

On-chain Affiliate

That's great for marketplaces but we didn't forget about everyone else. The unique design of the smart contract allowed us to build an on-chain affiliate on top of that. Imagine analytical and rarity NFT platforms driving sales by linking users to the marketplaces daily - yet they don't get any cut of the revenue they help generate. Same goes with content creators, projects, tool builders and basically everyone who drives sales on Cardano daily. Thanks to our on-chain affiliate, anyone will be able to get a fair share of the revenue marketplaces generate and keep. Not us - we are going to be sharing all the service fee revenue with all sale contributors - in a fair and decentralized manner: on-chain.

Read more about on-chain affiliate in our GitBook and on Twitter (X).

Future Plans

You can look forward to many more things as we relaunch and continue building - we will introduce many UI / UX changes to make the overall marketplace experience as smooth as possible. Other than that we have many more things lined up for the upcoming months and years. Be sure to keep your eye on our socials.

How can you support JamOnBread?

Several ways that you can support us and help us build the best marketplace for the Cardano community!

What really helps us in those stages of building is providing feedback on what features you would like to see, what you like about the marketplace and what you don't like. That way we can focus on what the community really wants to see!

Just try the marketplace and throw any feedback you have at us, positive and negative - we are always available on our Discord and our DMs are open.

Other than trying the platform and giving us feedback, follow our social media to stay in the loop! 🙂