Introduction to World Mobile - network powered by blockchain

Technology 03.11.2023

Introduction to World Mobile - network powered by blockchain

If you are an NFT enthusiast, you probably have heard about EarthNode NFTs - the NFTs with the highest floor price on Cardano (109,300 ADA at the time of writing this article). This might have left you wondering what they are and why they are so valuable. But there is much more to World Mobile, this article aims to give you a brief introduction to what the build.

What's World Mobile?

Let's begin with an introduction to World Mobile. More than 3 billion people on the planet are unconnected to mobile networks (up to 40% of the population in developing countries do not have access to mobile internet).

World Mobile believes connection should be considered a right and plans to connect the unconnected by creating a decentralized network. World Mobile network is powered by blockchain, renewable energy, and sharing economy.

WM allows end users to connect through mobile with the WM app to AirNode devices (hardware devices owned and operated by private entities) to make calls, send messages, browse the internet, or use financial and other services. To use the services, users first buy credit in local currency and simply start using the services. Once the user has credit, they can connect to an AirNode, open the application, dial the number, and call anyone. AirNode then checks the balance of the user's credit using the distributed ledger running on EarthNodes and dials the number. As the call goes through, data is transmitted through the AirNode, which rewards the operator for running the network.

World Mobile network encourages entrepreneurs in unconnected areas to setup AirNodes (can be as simple as combining a Raspberry Pi, an access point and wireless equipment with the AirNode software) as the operators profit when users connect through their access point.

AirNode operators can open the application to see how many rewards they have earned for running the network. Only non-personal information is used as all other info is private. They are also responsible for maintaining and running their hardware AirNodes to provide maximum uptime for all users. In the end, it's in their best interest since they are rewarded for providing the network.

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What are EarthNodes?
In the paragraphs above, we have mentioned EarthNode once, in relation to a distributed ledger, so let's expand to it.

World Mobile Token defines EarthNode as the processor of the core logic of the World Mobile Chain. EarthNodes connect other types of nodes and help them communicate and process transactions on the World Mobile Token Chain.

All data traffic from WM users is processed and verified by EarthNodes. As opposed to AirNodes (that must be located in the unconnected areas), EarthNodes do not have any geographical restrictions; they can be run from anywhere in the world on a computer with an internet connection.

EarthNode NFTs were first available to World Mobile Token (token on Cardano for the World Mobile ecosystem) holders by staking at least 100,000 WMT. As not all EarthNode NFTs were claimed by users, an auction was held to give everyone a second chance to reserve those EarthNodes.

EarthNode NFTs essentially are the key to running a validator in the World Mobile network and earn validator rewards.

The current floor price of EarthNodes is 109,300 ADA. As they have 100,000 WMT locked within them (worth roughly 43,000 ADA), so there is a premium price to pay to become a validator on the World Mobile network. (both prices are at the time of writing)


In a nutshell, World Mobile isn't just a network; it's a vision for a more connected world. It's about bridging the gap to all those who have been left behind. With EarthNodes being in the center of WM as they process and connect the necessary parts and validate the transactions on World Mobile network.

Disclaimer: This article provides general information and should not be construed as financial or investment advice. Collecting and investing in tokens should be approached with careful consideration and research.