Get Your first CARDANO NFT

Education 01.03.2023

How to get your hands on your first Cardano NFT in four steps

1) Create a Wallet
2) Buy ADA to have some in your wallet
3) Connect your wallet with JAM ON BREAD marketplace
4) Buy NFT

1) Create a Wallet
NFT purchases on Jam On Bread marketplace can be done by one of these browser wallet extension:
- Download and install the extension
- Create a wallet (set your password, write down backup phrase, keep it safe and don’t loose it, confirm your secret backup phrase, set the wallet name) As example Check this video on how to open and use Gero Wallet.

2) Buy ADA to have some in your wallet
- You will be able to buy ADA through each of the wallets or fund your wallet from any of the crypto exchanges
- Click on BUY, follow the steps and choose the amount you want to purchase (the transfer rate will differ in each wallet)
- Now you have some resources

3) Connect your wallet extension with JAM ON BREAD marketplace
- Once you got yourself one of the supported wallet, click on the CONNECT WALLET on the top right corner.
- Choose and click on the wallet you have. New window will pop up.
- Step 1 - Select Wallet you wanted to connect with and click on CONTINUE
- Step 2 – Allow the site to view the addresses of your permitted wallets and click on CONNECT

You are all set and good to go to buy NFT you wish to have.

4) Buy NFT
- After exploring through the collections of NFTs and you’ve finally found the NFT you wish to buy, click on the NFT.
- You’ll see a BUY NOW button to the right as shown in the image below.
- If someone already owns the NFT you would like to get, you can MAKE OFFER to the owner. - Click on BUY NOW. Your wallet will pop up asking to confirm the transaction.

- After you’ve successfully purchased it, in your profile section under OWNED category, you’ll find your purchased NFTs as is in the image below.